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Aerospace & Aviation – Scandinavia

 Aerospace & Aviation - Scandinavia

Decontamination floor mats are widely used in Aerospace and Aviation manufacturing.

Various companies use Dycem to combat both their molecular and their particulate contamination.

It is known that infiltration of these contaminants can have devastating effects when it comes to manufacturing in the industry.

Molecular Contamination in Aerospace and Aviation Manufacturing

Molecular contamination refers to the cumulative build-up of individual molecules on foreign matter.

An example of this a familiar smell of plastics or the odour of a new Aeroplane seats installed on a jet. These are indications of volatile molecules being generated by organic materials.

Molecular contamination may occur during ground processing, which is why it is essential for correct and thorough Decontaminating procedures to be adhered to.

Particulate contamination in Aerospace and Aviation Manufacturing

Particulate contamination refers to the deposition of visible, collections of matter.

Surfaces that might be liable to dust and areas that require consistent wiping down, indicate that there is a presence of particles in the atmosphere.

These particles predominantly fall from the air onto exposed surfaces and are usually deposited from the air onto exposed surfaces.

Dycem products have been scientifically proven to reduce airborne particles by up to 75%. This ensuring of air quality being at an optimal working standard is a key factor to ensuring that products are fit for purpose.

Effective Decontamination in Aerospace and Aviation

Effective Decontamination is essential to the success of most aerospace programs because the presence of contamination, no matter how big or tiny, can degrade the performances of manufactured goods.

Presences of contamination on products that require thermal control for example will alter the thermal balance of the products. Making it almost impossible to give accurate reading and representations.

The end result of contamination infiltration may be pretty obvious to most, but what should be focused on is how contamination is controlled to ensure compliance with industry guidelines and requirements.

Now even more so for the industry there is a need to quantify the cleanliness levels required for proper performance of equipment and to establish a solution for controlling contamination in processes throughout fabrication, assembly, integration, and testing phases of operation.

Using Dycem Decontamination Floor Mats In Aerospace and Aviation

Dycem have been working with many companies in the Aerospace industry for years to help control and ensure there is a reduce risk of contamination in manufactured goods and products.

With contamination being a growing concern in the industry. Dycem solutions are scientifically proven to be able to reduce the risk of both Particulate and Molecular consistently to a standard that meets industry guidelines and regulation criteria.

Dycem’s unique polymeric surface is soft and supple, conforming to shoe and wheel profiles and collecting particles between 0.1 and >100 microns this, coupled with our mats being customisable and made to fit industry and area requirements, ensure that our mats offer optimal support to reducing the risk of contamination in Aerospace and Aviation manufacturing.


  • Less particles in the atmosphere
  • Improvement of product yields
  • Reduced Product Rejects
  • Reduced expenses
  • Reduced cleaning time and cost
  • A Greener Solution


  • Cleanrooms
  • Manufacturing Areas
  • Material Areas
  • SAS Areas
  • Paint Areas
  • Small Component Areas
  • Entry and Exit of Production
  • Assembly
  • ESD Zones
  • Engine Laboratories
  • Display and Glass Manufacturing

Aerospace Companies who use Dycem Decontamination Floor Mats

 Aviation Scandinavia Manufacturing 1  Scandinavia Aerospace and Aviation Manufacturing 2  Scandinavia for Aerospace and Aviation Manufacturing

Case Studies

Precision Polymer Engineering

Precision Polymer Engineering Ltd (PPE) is a leading provider of high-performance O-rings, technical mouldings and sealing solutions to a diverse range of industries. Its markets are global and include semiconductor manufacturing equipment, and aerospace.

Dycem CZ01 was bespoke installed into their changing facilities upon entry into the productions areas. PPE were concerned with fine particles entering their critical areas, therefore to maximise Dycem’s effect both the clean and dirty side of the changing areas were installed into.





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