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Decontamination Mats are used in Biomedical Facilities all over the world to reduce the risk of contamination.

Biological contamination generally refers to contamination of life sciences, habitats with microorganisms.

The likes of fungi, bacteria, viruses and parasites can all effect standard practices when working in the Biomedical industry.

Biosafety and containment of contamination are top priorities to ensuring the prevention of exposure to poisonous contaminants, pathogens research-related biohazards, or animal allergens.

Dycem Decontamination Mats are widely used in Biomedical facilities due to their ability to be customised and reduce the risk of contamination in Bio laboratories.

Numerous research institutions worldwide use a broad variety of species of laboratory animals, placing significant responsibility on employers to ensure both the appropriate level of animal care and the protection of the expanding number of employees involved in animal research.

It is known within the industry that there is a Risk Assessment and Risk Management standard to ensure Decontamination is met.


First steps of effective Decontamination in biomedical facilities is to actively identify the risk factors associated with the problem pathogens can cause your workspace and how to combat these factors.

It is also important top ensure that all personnel involved are fully aware of occurring agents common to biosafe areas and any physical hazards that are associated with pathogens.

Having a correct Decontamination procedures for your biosafe area demonstrates that the risk laboratory acquired infections are reduced at points of entry, rather than inside the laboratory itself.

Dycem Decontamination mats work in various industries and various medical environments to ensure up to 99.9% prevention of contamination entering your labs and controlled environments.


With procedures such as research or animal handling (especially those who are prone to exposure) it must be specified by researchers and or your standard operating procedures that there must be a minimised risk of exposure to contamination.

Procedures that may involve the creation of aerosols or droplets, or the use of sharps and the prevention of the contamination these may bring, have to be taken into account when it comes protecting your working environment.

Dycem Decontamination Mats fit into standard biosafety SOPs and aid with the disinfection processes that are fundamental in aiding the safety of risk management measures.


Decontamination mats provide a barrier both between the individual and a potential hazard and between an animal and potential or known contaminant.

Microisolator cages, individually ventilated cage racks, biological safety cabinets, chemical fume hoods, sharps containers, and forceps are examples of devices that can help protect the animal handler.

However, choosing a Dycem Decontamination mats, rather than peel off mats and or shoe covers will give you a guaranteed solution as a preventative measure in combating the risks of contamination entering your facilities, animals and personnel.


It is important to verify that individuals have successfully completed all required training programmes and have qualified work experience with the proposed procedures in Biomedical facilities.

All personnel should be comfortable with and competent in the proposed work (which may include performing procedures on laboratory animals) and established safety protocol, and all animal handlers must demonstrate proficiency in the techniques associated with the care and use of laboratory animals.

Our Decontamination mats have the potential to last from 3 up to 5 years, depending on traffic and pedestrian workflows.

Areas in Biomedical Facilities Where Dycem Decontamination Mats Can Be Placed

  • Animal Facilities
  • Biosafety Labs
  • Vivariums
  • Entrance / Exits to Aquariums
  • Universities Labs

Biomedical Facilities who use Dycem

 Abbott BioMedical1 Indiana University Cardiff uni bio

Case Studies


Abbott began with using Dycem systems as a trial and their facilities; engineering and maintenance personnel were very impressed with its initial performance.

One year after the trial it was decided to implement Dycem systems throughout their whole site. Abbott replaced their peel off mats and wanted to invest in a reusable system to eliminate the waste of material (from peel off mats). This change is direction was also to coincide with Abbott’s green initiative project.

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