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Electronics · Scandinavia

Dycem Decontamination Floorings are dissipative in nature and support the removal of contamination from areas subject to ESD risk, preventing dust particles from disrupting component Manufacturing & Assembly lines.

Electrostatic Discharge (ESD)

Electrostatic discharge (ESD) is caused by a number of factors and is commonly generated by the contact of materials. It can be produced by everyday occurrences, such as a person picking up a piece of polystyrene packaging or walking across a carpet; it can even be caused by dust in the environment.

Positive and negative charges are stored in materials and carried by people. The human body is capable of storing a charge up to 25,000V. This charge is then dissipated (ESD) through the receiving object as the current seeks an unimpeded path.

An object’s metal chassis will often act as the conductor for the static to strike, but it can occur through other materials.


Static control is especially critical in the manufacture of electronic assemblies and components such as circuit boards and semi-conductors.

As it is almost impossible to avoid static-generating actions the best way to avoid damage to ESD sensitive equipment is to create an environment that inhibits the build-up of static. This can include the exclusion of highly charging materials from the controlled area and using grounding mats, such as Dycem’s Decontamination mats or flooring, which are proven to dissipate static at 108 ohm and reduce the damage it can cause.

Impacts of Electrostatic Discharge

it is essential to consider the impacts of contamination within ESD. To avoid the detrimental impacts of ESD charge, however, it is imperative to understand the basics in order to set up procedures for a productive working environment.

These basics include explanations of Triboelectric charging. This process entails the induction of contact electrification once materials are separated.

The surface area of one of the materials that have been separated becomes positively charged due to the loss of electrons which are passed on to the other material which retains its electrons and takes on the new ones and thus becomes negatively charged.

Additionally, induction generates a static charge. This charge induces opposing polarity changes upon surfaces of other areas thus attracting particles. Upon establishing a floor level connection with the ground can result in dangerous ESD impacts.

When charged, surfaces are more likely to attract and bind particles that would usually continue within an airborne environment. The difficulties arise when particles particularly sub-micron particles attach to surfaces as these pose difficult for removal.

Where Dycem Can Help

  • ESD Zone Entry and Exit
  • Goods in Areas
  • Class 100k-100 Airlock Transfers
  • Primary packaging zones

Key Benefits of Using Dycem ESD Mats in Electronics Manufacturing

  • Easy to use with the ability to come in a variety of colours
  • Long Lasting, Cost effective Alternative to Peel-Off Mats
  • Proven to dissipate static at 108 Ohms
  • Superb waste benefit – Just wipe away to clean.
  • Works like it is new after multiple usage.


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This world renowned semiconductor manufacturer recognised for their reaction-bonded silicon carbide composites used in power plants around the world chose dycem.

Due to their combination of material performance and ability to manufacture exceptionally large shapes, began using dycem polymeric flooring. with a new facility in sight and pressure from their customers to obtain better controls, this organisation looked towards dycem as an integral part of their new solutions.

Dycem was utilised mainly in the entrance to their interferometer room and primary/secondary gowning areas. as well as installing dycem’s cz01 cleanzone, this organisation was one of the first to install Dycem’s aesthetically pleasing and audit compliant, printed polycarbonate finishing system.

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Dycem WorkZone (Cz02)

Dycem Push Pads For Decontamination


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