Cleaning Dycem

Cleaning Dycem is a very quick and easy process. Simply clean as part of your regular wet cleaning schedule.

We have specially researched and tested cleaning solutions compatible to use with Dycem to ensure the longevity of your installation throughout its lifecycle.

Cleaning wipes

Dycem offers specially designed cleaning wipes which help the removal of heavily ingrained contamination.

Just agitate the contamination on the surface with a damp mop and squeegee dry. This physically removes the dirt and water residue leaving Dycem immediately ready for further use.

Steam Cleaning

In areas of extremely high traffic where gross saturation occurs, Dycem offers a steam cleaning service to help eliminate and lift ingrained contamination.


Between cleaning Dycem can look dirty. This is good news – otherwise particles and microbes would be in your critical areas with the risk of contaminating your products and processes.

Correct procedures for cleaning Dycem


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